Ivan Karp gave his last presentation at the symposium, “Collecting Contemporary Urban Materials for the Museum Visitor of the 22nd Century” at DePaul University and The Field Museum, Chicago, June 16, 2011. The published article developed from this presentation by Corinne Kratz is entitled "Collecting, Exhibiting, and Interpreting: Museums as Midwives and Mediators of Meaning"; it appeared in Museum Anthropology in 2014.

Grants and Proposal Writing Workshop

Here Ivan Karp discusses grants and proposal writing for students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. This video consists of excerpts from a February 2010 seminar for Mellon Mays Fellows at Emory University, and covers some of the material that he presented regularly during events in the Laney Graduate School's Grant Writing ProgramIn these three excerpts Karp introduces himself to the seminar (~5 minutes), talks about the life history of a proposal and how to write a proposal (~49 minutes), and describes three flaws of style and presentation in a proposal (~3 minutes).